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Karen Gillan, from Inverness, is Scotland’s sexiest woman according to a poll by FHM Magazine. The ‘official’ ranking of the hottest women on the planet sees Karen at number 36. The list is topped by X Factor judge Tulisa with former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole in second place. But Karen, who is due to bow out of her role as Amy Pond in the Doctor Who series, has certainly got striking looks with long slender legs and red hair. She has been nominated in the Scottish Fashion Awards for this year’s Scottish Fashion icon, up against Tali Lennox and Tilda Swinton. Meantime, she has been filming the final scenes for her departure from Doctor Who along with her on-screen husband Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill). Paris Hilton is just ahead of Karen and actress Emma Stone is just behind her.


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I’m slowly adding photos to the gallery, so bare with me. I’ve added 2011 and 2012 candids to the gallery, enjoy!

1_(1).jpg 1_(10).jpg 1_(2).jpg 1_(8).jpg

1_(1).jpg 1_(11).jpg 1_(3).jpg 1_(5).jpg

1_(1).jpg 1_(12).jpg 1_(4).jpg 1_(6).jpg

1_(1).jpg 1_(4).jpg 1_(7).jpg 1_(9).jpg

1_(1).jpg 1_(2).jpg 1_(3).jpg 1_(4).jpg

1_(1).jpg 1_(3).jpg november5.jpg november6.jpg

1_(1).jpg 1_(2).jpg 1_(6).jpg 1_(8).jpg

1_(13).jpg 1_(14).jpg 1_(4).jpg 1_(11).jpg

1_(1).jpg 1_(12).jpg 1_(18).jpg 1_(22).jpg

1_(11).jpg 1_(20).jpg 1_(4).jpg 1_(7).jpg

1_(1).JPG 1_(12).JPG 1_(4).JPG 1_(7).JPG

1.jpg april5.jpg april8.jpg april9.jpg

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Hi everyone! I am Nicole, the new owner of Karen Gillan Source. I’m so thrilled to finally run a Karen Gillan fansite, as I am a huge fan! I’ve put a new theme up, designed by Lee, and added many photos to the gallery. I’m currently still working on the gallery, so stay tune. Thank you, and enjoy!